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Cube Poker Bonus And Promotion

Cube Poker Bonus And Promotion

Poker has been a major part of gambling since the 19th century. It has been part and parcel of card gambling for centuries and is a flourishing business in casinos today. Since its popularization in the 1930 movie Smart Money, poker has been on the rise as a forerunner of gambling and casinos.

There are several variations of poker that have come out over the years. Texas Hold’Em, Pot Limit Omaha, 5 Card Omaha, Seven Card Stud etc. are some of the most famous yet. Each has their own slight variations, and the gameplay for each differs, but the essential skeleton of the game, what it fundamentally boils down to, is poker. Today there are several variations of poker that are quite unique and creative. One of these is Cube Poker.

Cube Poker is essentially Texas Hold’Em but having a different form factor. Instead of colours, each piece is replaced by playing card suits and numbers. It is usually an online game although a tangible Poker cube is available on sale. However, it is better if each player had their own cube to ensure fair play.


Steps to Play

  1. Mix up the cube thoroughly without looking at it.
  2. Open your eyes and memorize the card on the top edge.
  3. A blue pointer will now appear on the central piece of the cube facing the player, and following the pointer read the next card.
  4. From that piece, a second pointer will emerge and point to another piece of the cube. Now the player has their “hand”. It is usually a three-card draw.
  5. Either pass the cube after your turn or if everyone has their own cube, continue playing.

The ranks of the hand are as follows:

  1. Three of a kind, all of the same suit
  2. Three of a kind having different suits
  3. Three cards straight, all the same suits
  4. Three cards straight, different suits
  5. All the same suit (known as flush)
  6. Two of a kind, both the same suit
  7. Two of a kind having different suits
  8. Any other combination (known as Junk)


Based on calculated guesses, one can bet their hand higher or lower than the other. This is the basic betting strategy in the game. To make the odds better for the players, the central piece is always a wild card. But the wild card is wild only for the suit and not for the numbers.



It is interesting to see that one game can have so many variations, but it does, and it makes the game all the more exciting. Gambling takes patience, skill and luck and having a new challenge can be all the more exciting.

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