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5 Tips To Improve Your Poker Game From Beginner To Advanced

5 Tips to Improve Your Poker Game from Beginner to Advanced

Poker is one casino game that gains a worldwide audience on the major tournaments like WSOP tournaments and PokerStars tournaments. People love playing poker because it allows them to influence the game using strategies and also enjoy reading other people to make bets on who has the better card. It only becomes more interesting when you start learning how the professional players change their game style or strategies to bluff or trap other players into betting. These tips will improve your game, so you can make a place among professionals.

Think about ranges rather than hands

The pros do not concentrate on their hands, but what their opponents possibly has. While the average players think of specific cards that others may have, the pros think in terms of ranges. For example, having a King and an Ace on the table can make the beginners think that the opponent may have a pair of Kind or Ace, but a professional player will be thinking on the range from a pair to a full house or even a royal flush.

There is no favourite hand

If you think Jack and a ten is your favourite hand, you are wrong. The probability of winning is only based on its face value. It is not a sure win every time even when it looks like one. Even a pair of Aces can be beaten easily with a small full house or three of a kind.

Favourite hand

Have a consistent strategy

Every professional poker player has a consistent strategy to play their games. They may use a different strategy in every tournament, but as long as they are at the table, they try to keep the same strategy for as long as they can. If you keep changing your strategy in between the game, it will backfire in no time and may also cause the tilt.

Avoid tilt at all cost

Talking about tilt, it is one thing that you should always avoid during the games. It is the destroyer of bankrolls and dreams of making it big. Poker is never a sure-shot game, and you will face many defeats while you make profits. You can do nothing about it but just go along with your “luck”. If you fall for the tilt, you will have a hard time recovering. Whenever you find yourself making rash decisions and getting irritated by unexpected losses, you should take a break and relax before you can start again.

Do not bet without a reason

Always know what you are betting for and be confident in your bets. Even if you lose the hand to a better one, you will know that you did not throw away the money for anything. If you make uncalculated bets because you “felt like it”, that type of bets need to stop immediately.

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