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Martingale Strategy In Poker

Martingale Strategy in Poker

The Martingale strategy is a popular form of betting system that is used in almost all types of card games. It originated in the 18th century in France, on games that guaranteed a 50/50 outcome on the input like the Roulette. The strategy gained immense popularity when a casino owner named John Henry Martindale suggested this idea to casino owners in London. Although it rightly needs to be called ‘Martindale’ system, it show-how got the name of Martingale, when people started mispronouncing the name.

What is the Martingale betting Strategy?

It is a betting strategy in which the players use the strategy to double their bets after a loss, in games that involve 50/50 chances of winning. For example, if a player bets $10 on a hand and loses, then he doubles the bet amount to $20 in the next round. If he’s still losing, then he increases it to $40. This procedure continues until the player wins. Once the player wins, he gets back to the original betting amount- which is $10 in this case. Suppose if the player succeeds in between the bets, then he’s awarded an equal profit of his original bet. This strategy is guaranteed success if the player is offered with unlimited funds with no constraint of maximum bet amount or time.

But why isn’t everyone employing this strategy?

It is because the house does not wish to go bankrupt and hence they have a maximum limit for betting. Otherwise, everyone on the table will become rich overnight by doubling their money.


Martingale Strategy or poker

An advantage of playing poker is that we have the perks of increasing our odds by taking advantage of the buy in’s. For tournament games, Heads Up and Sit and Go forms are the best for winning. However, the Multi-Table Tournaments are too complicated to apply the Martingale as a primary strategy.

However, it is beneficial if you start playing with $5 bet on Sit and Go or the heads Up games. For instance, if the result is a loss, then you can go ahead and register a $10 at the tournament table. If it is still a loss, then you can increase or double it to a $20 bet on the same tournament table. If you win, you can collect the money and begin with the initial $5. Although you’re not applying the martingale strategy thoroughly, it still follows the same basic rules of doubling the amount and cutting back to the original betting amount.

However, the martingale strategy does not work all the time and most importantly, does not work in the long run. There are other systems like the Anti-Martingale betting system, where you can take advantage of the streaks by increasing your bets after each win. But if you lose, then you have to reduce your bet amount to a minimum or reduce the amount in the next bet.


Bottom line, we can use the Martingale strategy in poker, not only the land-based casino poker but also the online versions. It can work in your favour if you do not lose too many times in a casino.

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