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Top 10 Rankings Of Global Poker Leagues

Top 10 Rankings Of Global Poker Leagues

Poker has been played for several centuries now and is one of the most popular games in playing cards. It is also known as ‘bluff’ in some places and is known for its signature ‘poker face’: a face made by poker players so that the opponent does not know if they are bluffing. The signs a person exhibits that signal that they are bluffing is called a ‘tell’.

Poker was introduced in the 19th century to the US and has since gone through different changes throughout the years. It slowly began being played among people from all walks of life, by both men and women. Although gambling was not legal back then, it was still done behind closed doors. Soon America’s Las Vegas started legalising gambling, and over the course of many years, gambling became legalised in different parts of the world. In 1970, the popularity of poker hit a new high with the introduction of The World Series of Poker.

It was a former World Series of Poker commissioner Jeffrey Pollack that started the Global Poker Index. The Global Poker Index is a leaderboard of the best poker players in the world. The ranking is based on the performance assessment of the player over a period of 3 years in their finishing positions.

The GPI was originally created to rank players in the English Premier League and decide who gets to play in the League. The Federal Sports + Gaming, the company that owns the GPI and its formula, reported its bankruptcy in 2012 and since they could not file a patent for the formula, that was put on auction as well. It was acquired by Pinnacle Entertainment. However only Federal Sports + Gaming was acquired by Pinnacle Entertainment, whereas the GPI brand was acquired by Zokay Entertainment and the CEO of the company, Alexandre Dreyfus, and created a unified ranking platform for live poker tournaments all over the world.


The GPI ranking is done on the basis of points earned. Once they qualify for the tournament, each player who finishes in-the-money is given a GPI score. The World Series of Poker is conducted every six months, and their cumulative score of six months is used to rank them.

The top 10 players ranked according to the Global Poker Index is given below:

  1. William Alex Foxen – USA
  2. Stephen Chedwick – UK
  3. Adrian Mateos – Spain
  4. Kristen ‘Krissyb24’ Bicknell – Canada
  5. Farid Jattin – Colombia
  6. Timothy ‘Tim0thee’ Adams – Canada
  7. Sam Greenwood – Canada
  8. Anthony Zinno – USA
  9. Steve ‘Mango’ O’Dwyer – USA
  10. Sean Winter – USA

These rankings are of 5 weeks and may change with each game.

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