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Best Ways To Compete In Global Poker Leagues

Best Ways To Compete In Global Poker Leagues

To compete at global poker tournaments, you need to be an absolute professional with years of experience, because the competition is tighter than the job situation. Competition is so tight that even pro players struggle to stay afloat. A lot of tips can be seen when it comes to winning in tournaments like these. Some may be better than others but try to get as much as possible. Here are a few tips that can help you compete better at competitions like these.

Steal Enough

Most professional poker players bet more preflop, i.e. on the first betting stage more often than others. This aggressive move is based on a general rule of thumb in poker saying “Open small and often”. This way, you can keep getting considerable amounts without losing much and even if you lose, too much will not be lost because it is the starting stage. The small blind can be expected to pay back with 15% of hands, the big blind leaving 40%.

Defend the Big Blind

More recently, poker players are stressing on defending a big blind if you have one. This is to prevent the other players from raising too soon and spoil the chance of an extremely generous payback.

However, it must be noted that developing a foolproof defending range is close to impossible because of the infinite post-flop scenarios and board run-outs, but it is important to defend for as long as humanly possible.

Poker tournaments

Do Not Continuation Bet Every Round

Professional poker players do not bluff carelessly; they put in a lot of thought before doing so. Some of the things that must be thought about before raising a blind are

  • Whose range it affects the most
  • Whose hand is the most nutted
  • How opponents might be valuing your hand
  • How you value your opponent’s hand

This helps you devise a strategy without doing much work. Creating a game plan within a very short time frame requires skill, keen observation skills and a lot of experience.

Thinking Ahead

The player needs a strategy for each and every contingency that is thrown at them, be it preflop, post-flop, on the flop or on the turn. The two main questions that need to be raised is

  • What is to be done if the opponent raises, and
  • What turn cards need to be barrelled

The Rock Paper Scissors Analogy

Poker can be seen as an advanced version of Rock, Paper, Scissors with the three items being cards, chips and position. To put it simply, position beats cards; cards beats chips and chips beat position.

It does not matter how good your cards are if you are in a bad position. So it is important to know the position when playing the hand and how the player needs to proceed.

It does not matter how many chips you have if you cannot push someone with a heavy hand out, but do not bet when they have a larger number of chips because it is low risk for them, and it can make you lose position if you lose.

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