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Does Practice Improve Your Chances Or You Just Trust Your Luck

Does practice improve your chances or you just trust your luck

Poker has been in the gambling game since 1829. It brings us to no surprise that the game has rapidly gained popularity ever since. Poker, which was supposed to be a form of recreation in the earlier days, has turned into a billion-dollar industry and is earning revenues to nations, world-wide. The popularity of poker has thrown light to the invention of various forms, like dice poker and many more. So much that, the last decade is marked as the highest achievement in the online gambling industry.

Skills vs Luck

Despite the popularity, we often come across people ranting about pure luck that’s not working in their favour. What if we tell you that it’s not the luck, but the skill that matters the most in this respect! Give it a thought. Unlike other games in the casino like the slots, poker is not played against the house. Still, it’s played against other players at the table, and It is always easier to win against other players (usually amateurs). Any game of luck like the slots, for example, will favour the house, but this is a game of skillset and persistence.


Although in the short run, luck does hold a crucial part, mathematical probability and odds favour you in the long term. For instance, if a player loses 25% of the time over 100,000 hands and another player 5% of the time for the same hands, then it’s not a game of luck here. If you dig into the mathematical aspect of it, we see that it always evens out. Most casinos in Las Vegas, hire skilled mathematicians to calculate their profits and odds on the house. It’s a game where you wait for the opponents to make a mistake and turn it into your favour. This skill comes with nothing but practice.

Having mentioned that, luck also plays a crucial role in playing poker. If you consider playing a single hand, then luck dominates, but that rarely happens in a casino. People go on playing multiple hands, during which skillset plays a crucial role. Especially if you’re playing poker cube or dice poker, the outcomes of the dice are not in your hands, but the way you turn the odds in your favour is a matter of skill set.


Poker welcomes both luck and practice. The practice is crucial to keep you going in the game, and you cannot depend on luck entirely. For instance, neither can you control what outcomes you get on a die, or in classic poker, what cards you get, nor can you manage your opponents’ chances – that’s based on pure luck. But changing these odds in your favour and make thoughtful decisions. It is under your control. These decision-making skills improve with practice and persistence.

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