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Things To Keep In Kind While Playing Poker Cube

Things to keep in kind while playing poker cube

Poker cube is interchangeably called the ‘Dice Poker’ or ‘Poker Dice’, mainly because the game is solely based on rolling for five dice, in contrast to the classic card poker games. The rules are reminiscent of the classic poker game, where the best hand on the table wins. A set of poker cube contains five dice, each with card symbols imprinted on them, instead of numbers. All six sides of the dice are dedicated to symbols of King, Queen, Ace, Jack, 9 and 10. When rolled, the five dice together collectively form a hand. Every player on the table gets a fair chance of 3 or five rounds, for the player to decide if he wants to consider it. Towards the end, the one with the highest hand at the table wins the big sum. It is imperative to go well prepared to the table, considering the game’s candour. We’ve put forward five tips to keep in mind while playing the poker cube:

Poker cube

Memorize the rules

Like any other poker games, this is the mantra for a win. When you’re at the table, you can’t read your poker book or watch videos to help you in a hooligan situation. It’s always advised to go well prepared, both to prevent from a burning hole in your pocket and to save yourself from embarrassment.

Card Ranking

A winner is determined solely by the ranking of the cards. As the game does not involve a lot of strategic gameplay, it is easier for beginners to play as well. But, having stated that, it is essential to know the priority of cards like the back of your hand. Once the dice is rolled, every player gets a minimum of three to five chances, of which you’ve to choose the ones to consider. Without the knowledge of the card’s priority, you will feel like you’re walking on the edge of a sword.

Card Ranking

Keep calm and game on

Another very obvious, but often neglected tip. It is as simple as ABC for anyone to get carried away and bound to take impulsive decisions, only to go home broke. Even though you’re on the losing font, it is crucial to keep calm as it can curb the opponent’s confidence as well. Strategic planning, patience and a mask of confidence can bring a potential winner to the table.

Know your position at the table

Unless you’ve practised or dedicated your entire life to poker, you have a higher probability of losing your initial matches. So before making decisions, it is also vital to think from the opponent’s perspective and take calculated risks. Some times their facial expressions can fool you.


Take it slow

This rule applies especially to the beginners who’re struggling to make their way to the top—Like mentioned earlier, it’s more probable for you to lose money than to win. It’s better to lose small amounts than to lose a fortune for a beginner.


Like any other poker games, dice poker or poker cube is a game of skills and luck. If you’ve worked enough on your skills bearing in mind all the tips and strategies, then lady luck will be by your side.

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