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How To Learn Poker The Best Way Possible?

How to learn Poker the best way possible?

After Blackjack, Poker is one of the most played games on the casino floor. As a famous saying goes, when a man with experience and money walks into a casino, a man with experience gains money and the man with money gains experience. This statement holds even in terms of Poker. Unless you put it in practice and to good use, it will not be profitable at the table. To do so, without losing money, it is essential to play and get your hands dirty. Let’s see how you can learn Poker the best way possible:

Poker Articles

There is an overwhelming amount of articles available both in the market and online, that will guide you in the right path. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or you have some experience, these articles will help you with all the tricks and strategies.

Because you’re a beginner and want to learn the game, it is always imperative to systematically analyze the concepts.


Online tutorials

There are many forms of Poker, like Texas, Hold’em Poker, Chinese Poker etc. Remembering the rules and strategies of the games can be a bit overwhelming to read and memorize. That’s the reason many times poker enthusiasts depend on online tutorials because a pictorial representation will give a better understanding of the game. There are platforms like Youtube and Twitch, where people exclusively talk about various tricks and dynamics of the game. You might even be introduced to some tricks which will blow your mind. Always have an eagle’s eye for such tutorials and videos from experienced players.

Online tutorials

Mark Hands

This process can be considered when you’re comfortable with all the tricks of the gameplay. Despite the hours of practice and dedication put into learning the game, there maybe be chances where you’ll encounter an awkward situation, or you’ll have to make a decision based on wrong choices. Learn from your mistakes. Then it is essential to note don your mistakes and analyze it after the game. There are platforms online, where you can upload your questions and experts will clarify you with the best answers they can. It is almost criminal not to make good use of such platforms.


The practice is the only thing that can take you a long way. You can be extremely good at memorizing and learning all the strategies, but it is to no avail if you’re not practising. It’s time to get to business and work the magic. In case you find some mistakes while playing with your friends, they could always guide you. If you do not have access to friends who play Poker, you also have an option to play online without money. Some websites offer practice sessions of your favourite games so that you learn to swim before getting into the ocean.

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